Teaching Language/Ensenado Lenguaje

On Friday, July 3rd, Professor Petrov shared with us a study from Dee Fink, in which he outlines how to create engaging curriculum plans and lessons for students. Through her guidance we learned a balanced approach in which the Six Dimensions of learning were used to establish goals for teaching. Professor Petrov stressed that creating and guiding students through activities could serve as assessments of learning and that the activities should address more than one of the sections of Significant Learning.

We also recieved information about the Common Core Standards that serves to establish learning goals for students nationwide to ensure that every student in the United States is “College Ready” by the time they have graduated from high school. We discussed the importance of the continuity and the accountability that schools and teachers were upholding by using the standards to guide their teaching from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. Dee Fink Int. Learning

Significan Learning Fink

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