Dialogic Educating with Dr. Harman

Dr. Harman guided us through Educational leaders that allowed us to reflect upon different teaching styles. We discussion why it was key to us Dialogue when teaching any students. To give you an idea of the philosophies that were used to guide the concept of Dialogic Education, take a moment to reflect on these three key individuals in education:

All learning comes from the ACTIVITY of the learner. – Maria Montessori

All knowledge is a person’s construction of her/his own experiences. – John Dewey

Human learning/knowing is all done in LANGUAGE. Therefore, we need one another to learn/know. -Vygotsky

Dr. Harman put his beliefs into practice and engaged us in a discussion of norms in our classrooms, the techniques we used, and a reflection on which of those were Directive vs Dialogic. Afterwards we had to break into different groups and share what we had learned.

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