Doralys E. Nunez.

My name is Doralys E. Nunez.

I am a English teacher in Reina Torres Intermediate School. I have worked in public and private school in Panama since 2000. I was selected in the English Panamanian Program to study in ELS at the Dominican University for two months.

First, I have been sharing with people from different countries.  This is a wonderful and cultural experience I’ve lived in Chicago.

Most importantly, it is a group of teacher who teach us, they are native speakers, so we can improve and build our English Language.

Our group visited some public schools here in Chicago. I observed a big difference between these schools and my school where I work in Panama.  In every classroom I counted no more than 20 students. In Panama there are more than 35 students and in some cases up to 40 students. Besides, materials are provided by their school and in Panama each student must o pay for photocopies, booklet, and other materials.

Each classroom has permanent materials for supporting each class such as smart boards, recorders, books, visual aids and more. In our Panamanian classroom teachers need to buy their materials.


The biggest benefit, for me in this course are techniques that Professor Samina presented to our group.  I think I can share with all the teachers in my school, specifically with the English teachers.

I should organize a new schedule with the teaching techniques I learned in this course.  I will begin with the 44 English sounds.

Of course, there are many changes to do in our classroom. I need to create an effective atmosphere in my classroom and start to work the cognitive part of my students and follow what others learned in this powerful and wonderful course.

Thank you Samina, for everything.

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