Julián Ojo

I am Julián Ojo.

I am from Panama, and I graduated from the University of Panama. I work as a teacher in Climaco Delgado Elementary School located in a small town in the east of Panama City. I teach 5° and 6°, five hours per group each week. Thanks to Ministry of Education I have had the opportunity to improve my English in Dominican University in an ESL program in Chicago.

The experience is absolutely amazing, we have had excellent teachers who have brought us all the support during these two months.

Julian OJo

The most impactful experience in Chicago, was when visited some of the schools of Chicago. They are different from the schools in Panama. In different aspects such as: academic curriculum, resources, subjects, afterschool programs. There is a relationship between Parents and Teaches. The students feel like the school and all the teachers are as a family and they feel confident.

Professor Samina has been one of our teachers and supporters. She taught us a variety of techniques- all of them necessary in the development of the students. When I come back to my school, I am going to apply much of them. For example: vocabulary building, high frequency words, spelling patterns, sounds of the alphabet, silent method, reading comprehension and others.

With our effort and motivation we can become a Bilingual Panama.

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