Lizbeth Quiel

The school environments I have observed in the U.S. compared to in Panama is different because, in my school I don’t have enough resources like here. I have to work with my own efforts because I have to rotate to another classroom. I impart class five hours each classroom, each week. There are 35 or 40 students in each classroom. If they have to use an English book, just a few students have money to buy it. The English lab does not work yet like in this country. Teachers in this country work with many advantages that in our country do not exist in many places. We try to make the difference but it is hard.

Professor Samina has presented many teaching techniques but I am going to mention the Word Wall, the boxes with different colors, the use of numbers to create words, the thinkmarks –all of these activities help us to motivate students to participate activity and give them freedom to create their own learning. Students learn by doing, we use this technique but Professor Samina inspired us to continue teaching English language in a motivational way.

If we are teachers, we have to look for, every day, the way to help our students to understand the importance of learning English as a second language.


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