Rosario Arjona

My name is Rosario Arjona.

I work in Richard Neumann High School. I was selected to participate in the Panama Bilingual Program which consists in giving to the English teachers some training in ESL and Methodology.  I was sent to the Dominican University in Chicago, one of the most beautiful cities with a lot of attractions.

In this city I have had many experiences, but the one that has caught my attention is the way teachers develop a class and the way students are involved in it.  They were eager to participate and answer questions for the teacher.


One of our instructors was Professor Samina who has taught us some methods and techniques which are very useful in our classes.  It doesn’t matter the level we are teaching, what is important is to adapt the material to the students.  Some of the techniques and methods are high frequency words, reading comprehension, vocabulary words, the use of literacy centers, the silent method, etc.  All of them are very useful for us since it helps us to keep our students motivated in the learning process.

I give thanks to the Ministry of Education in Panama and all the ESL teachers and staff in Dominican University who have been part of this program.

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