Beilor Gutierrez

My name is Beilor Gutierrez,

I am from Panama. I work in the province of Darien (Aborigen Region Embera Wounnan).

I think that the environments are totally different to what the students have in Panama, because in the United States there are good buildings constructed and the government supports public schools with $30 million that is only for education.

For the teacher, the government support, or others business believe that the children are the future of country.

First, I am a new teacher in the system of Panama in Education but there not many problems. The most important force has been to learn techniques, methodology and listening others teachers that have more experience.

Receiving certificate from Dominican University’s President

For me the students are more important and motor that inspired me. We need to move ahead for a better future.

The news techniques that I am learning with teacher Samina are, reading comprehension, literacy centers and others that apply in ours school for our students. These methods are important so the students obtain the best knowledge.

Thank so much to the director of ESL and Dominican University and all of your administrative personal.

Chicago is a very nice city with very nice people and places.

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