Marquela Ibeth Fozatti Moran

First of all, my name is Marquela Ibeth Fozatti Moran.

I work in Felix Olivares Contreras High School. It is one of the biggest institutions in our province, Chiriqui. Our high school has won different awards for example, in science, sports, spelling bees, singing, dancing, and many others. Moreover, when I was selected to the program of Panama Bilingual, I felt very excited because it was the best opportunity that I have had in my life since it was my dream to improve my English. On the other hand, I felt afraid because it was the most awesome challenge in my life.


When I started to study in ESL program and with teacher Samina, I felt very fortunate because she is an excellent professional and human being. She has given us many resources, techniques, and methods that we can apply in our classes when we will return to our classrooms. For example: phonetics, high frequency words, silent method way, reading comprehension, how to teach vocabulary and others.

I want to thank to all the staff of Dominican University and ESL program teachers, that have gave us a pleasant stay and unforgettable moment in the wonderful city of Chicago.

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